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We have a new look!
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Lobby - Our friendly dedicated front desk staff will greet you, check your pet in and help you any way they can.  Our client service representatives will make sure we have everything we need for your account and for your pet's medical record.  They are also here to assist you via phone / email.  Our practice manager has an office next to the lobby.
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Exam Rooms - A veterinary assistant will meet with you and your pet in one of our exam rooms. Room 1 is mainly used for our K9 patients.  Room 2 is designed for felines and exotic pets.  Room 3 is still being finished and will have a separate exit which can be very helpful for challenging situations where entering / exiting through the lobby may not be the best option. 
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In-House Laboratory - Our lab gives us the ability to run blood work with quick results or to prepare and send it out to IDEXX for more comprehensive analysis.
In-House Pharmacy - We stock commonly prescribed pet medications and also offer convenient home delivery through our preferred on-line pharmacy.
Treatment  - Our hospitalized pets are cared for here.  We also perform medical treatment and dental procedures in this area.
Radiographs  - We have a digital xray unit that takes clear images in order to rule out or diagnose many medical conditions.
Surgical Suite - Dr Bayer performs surgeries including spays/neuters, exploratory, soft tissue and orthopedic procedures.
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Grooming - We have a dedicated room for grooming in order to provide a quieter, more comfortable experience for dogs being groomed each day. 
K9 Dayboarding Area - Each dog in our care receives customized care based on their health, size, age and temperament, etc.  We have kennels of different sizes and larger runs for big dogs or when two family dogs can be boarded together. 
The Cottage - This is a separate building right out back for large dogs or a pair of family dogs.
Outdoor Exercise Areas - Our daycare boarders enjoy lots of outdoor play time with other compatible dogs or individually with our kennel staff.
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