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Jerry L. Bayer
Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Bayer was raised in the Richmond area and attended Thomas Jefferson High School. As a teacher at New Mexico Military Institute he continued college courses and decided to pursue his original dream of veterinary medicine. He graduated from Colorado State University (ranked consistently in the top 2 Veterinary Colleges) in 1996. Dr. Bayer jokes that he graduated “magna cum pellidentium”, (by the skin of his teeth). Although, judging from his GPA, this statement is truly not accurate.

Upon returning to Richmond, Dr. Bayer worked for Dr. John Morgan of Goochland, who built Cary Street Veterinary Hospital. He has also worked at other area veterinary hospitals in the area including as a Chief of Staff for Healthy Pets Corp. and as the Medical Director for two V.C.A. hospitals.

While working at Boulevard Animal Hospital and as a mobile veterinarian, Dr. Bayer was instrumental in the conviction and closing of a Southside Richmond dogfighting ring. His time on the stand resulted in the charges being raised to felonies. As a professional witness with District Attorney’s office, he amassed a 100% conviction rate for cruelty and abuse cases.

Dr. Bayer is also proud of the time he spent giving aid in Hattiesburg, Miss. after hurricane Katrina. Of course, he also helped to clean up locally after Isabel hit the area.

He presently lives just across the river in Powhatan County with his wife Pat, 2 dogs, 4 cats, and 2 horses.

Dr. Bayer Bio
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